Power Flushing in Kent

Many heating systems will benefit from a professional power flush as they age. Power flushing the central heating ensures that the boiler works efficiently and warms the home evenly. Book our team to carry out a power flush on your heating in the Isle of Sheppey and Sittingbourne area. Power flushes should only be completed by an engineer on the Gas Safe register – we have the correct accreditation to do this work according to current regulations.

What is power flushing?

Power flushing is a process using chemicals and specialist equipment to clean the inside of your central heating system. The inside of pipes and radiators are cleaned and any debris is removed.

power flushing

As the years go by, most central heating systems will develop a gradual build-up of rust particles and sludge inside the radiators and pipes. This build-up eventually stops the hot water from circulating freely around the system and causes some issues. To get rid of this debris, a power flush is carried out. The process involves the use of chemicals to loosen the debris followed by a flush to remove the unwanted build-up.

After a power flush has been completed, the water can flow properly through the radiators producing evenly spread heat more quickly. The home should warm up more efficiently with less strain on the boiler. We recommend having your central heating power flushed every 5 years as part of regular maintenance for your home.

Signs your system would benefit from a power flush

A power flush can help resolve many of the issues you might experience with your central heating. The most common problem is cold areas on the radiators. Although some cold spots can be resolved by bleeding the radiators if this doesn’t help a power flush could be the answer. Also, look for:

Rooms not reaching the desired temperature

Boiler running for longer to reach the set temperature

Unusual noises from the boiler

Noises from the radiator

Higher gas bills than usual

If you think your heating is due to a power flush, contact us and arrange an appointment. We can take a look at your heating and advise you if power flushing will help.

Power flushing before a new boiler installation

We recommend that your heating is power flushed before a new boiler is installed. It makes sense to clean all the pipes and radiators that connect to the new boiler before it’s turned on. With clean water and a brand-new boiler, your central heating will work efficiently.

Power flushing takes approximately 4 to 6 hours to complete depending on the size of the property and the number of radiators involved. Call our team to book a chemical flushing today.