About Glow-worm

Glow-worm was established as a company in 1934. It was started to manufacture heating components and boilers in Derwent, Derbyshire. Glow-worm continued to make each generation of boiler throughout the decades until in 2001 it was acquired by Vaillant and created one of the biggest heating groups in Europe. Boilers are still made on Derbyshire – Glow-worm is proud to be a ‘British Made’ company.

The boilers available from Glow-worm include combi, system, and open vent products and they have a choice of sizes. Every model has an A rating showing that they are energy efficient. Glow-worm produces boilers that are easy to fit keeping installation time to a minimum.

They are also easy for customers to use. There is a UK-based help center for customers who want advice about their boiler once it is installed. Glow-worm boilers come with a 7-year warranty.

If you think that a Glow-worm boiler is the one for you, we can install it. Ask us for a quote to fit it – we provide them free of charge and with no obligation to buy. We are here to guide you through the different models and capacities too. We have a first-class reputation for fitting gas boilers expertly and we know you’ll be happy with our workmanship.