Book a Boiler Service

Service your boiler once a year to extend the working life of your system. An annual service includes a check of the internal components to make sure everything is safe and there are no leaks of toxic gases.

We are available for boiler servicing in the Isle of Sheppey and the Sittingbourne area. Work on gas boilers can only be completed by engineers who are Gas Safe registered – our staff is accredited and qualified to install, repair, and service all brands and types of boilers.

Boilers serviced professionally

Make sure that your boiler is serviced by an engineer who is experienced and qualified. When we carry out a service, we make sure we inspect every part of the boiler inside and out. We check that there are no leaks or areas of corrosion and we make sure that the system will work efficiently for the rest of the year.

Our team will check parts that commonly wear out to make sure that they are unlikely to fail in the coming months. If we think that a part is likely to cause a breakdown, we let you know and give you a price to replace the part. That way you can plan a repair in your own time without it turning into an emergency.

We service boilers in Kent

We are based in Sheppey giving us easy access to most of Kent. We are available to service boilers in Minster, Sheerness, Sittingbourne, Kemsley, and Bobbing at a reasonable rate. We deliver above-standard customer service and respect your property when we are there wearing shoe covers to protect your floor.

Regular boiler maintenance helps to minimise unexpected problems with your heating and hot water. Booking a service with us every 12 months will mean you are forewarned of faults with your boiler before they happen. When you know in advance that a repair will be needed, you can budget for the cost and plan the work for a time that is convenient.

Boiler services for efficient systems

Servicing your boiler will help it work efficiently. An efficient boiler will use less gas to work and keep your energy bills in check. It’s also important to know that some boiler guarantees are only valid if you have a service completed by a qualified engineer every 12 months.