About Alpha Boilers

Alpha boilers are sold in 30 countries across the world. Alpha is part of Immergas – an Italian heating specialist with more than 50 years of experience. The boilers are designed in the UK and are gaining popularity because they are well built and reliable boilers.

Alpha offers a complete range of boiler types including combi, system and, regular boilers. They also manufacture everything needed for commercial heating systems. The most popular range in the UK is Alpha’s E-Tec and E-Tec Plus.

Alpha has also added the Evoke boiler which is smaller and neater. Warranties are provided with an Alpha of either 7 years or 10 years.

The engineers at JPM Gas are familiar with the Alpha range of boilers. We are available to install this brand in your home or business. For a quote, contact us for an appointment at a time that suits you. Our rates are competitive and we know you’ll be happy with our standard of workmanship.