Air Conditioning Repairs for North Kent

When you need your air conditioning system repaired in a hurry, call the experts at JPM Gas. We have a team ready to help when the air cooling system breaks down in your home, office, or shop. Our team is qualified and trained to get to the problem quickly so your air conditioning isn’t out of service for long.

We are available for air conditioning repairs in the Isle of Sheppey and Sittingbourne area – call us when you want a team to fix your air coolers straight away.

Air cooling system not working?

When the weather turns hot, you rely on your air conditioning to bring the temperature inside down to a comfortable level. The last thing you need is your unit going on the blink in the middle of a heatwave. Call us when you want a reliable team to fix your system – we can get to the problem quickly and carry out the repairs to get the air conditioner running again.

If you have staff working in buildings that are too hot, they are unhappy and less productive. You want a team that can sort the air cooler the first time so that your workforce can be comfortable again. We understand this and will do our best to get the air conditioning running effectively again immediately.

We are here to attend most common problems with air-conditioning such as:

Air conditioning running but not cooling the room

No power to the air conditioning unit

Uneven distribution of cold air

The room is too cold

These are just a few of the problems we have solved in our area but we are here to repair all types of issues with your air conditioning systems big or small. Call our team and we will take a look and tell you what the repairs will cost before starting work.

Quotes for air conditioning repairs

We are happy to provide a quote for repairing your air conditioning. If you don’t use the air coolers often, you might want to know if it is worth the expense. Let us give you our rate for fixing the system – you have no obligation to continue with the repairs.

If your cooling system lets you down often, perhaps it’s time to replace it with something more reliable. We install all types of air conditioners in buildings large and small. If your unit is no longer sufficient for your needs, we are happy to give you advice. Trust our team to do the job right.