Air Conditioning Recharge Service

If your air conditioning requires a recharge, call us at JPM Gas. We are available to recharge air cooling systems in Kent. Our team has years of experience working with air conditioning units in homes, businesses, and commercial buildings. We are here to fit, fix, service, and re-gas air conditioning in the Sheppey and Sittingbourne area. We can work around your schedule if you have a busy office – get in contact and we can arrange appointments at times that suit you.

Refrigerant charge problems rectified

Recharging can be completed alongside a service or maintenance visit. Refilling the refrigerant doesn’t always need to be done with a service. Usually, it’s only required if there is a leak. Before recharging can be done, the leak needs to be pinpointed and repaired. It takes experience to know where to look for failure that’s where our expertise comes in. We can get to the problem quickly and rectify it. Once the air conditioning leak has been fixed, we can recharge the refrigerant. Trust us to do the job correctly.

What are the signs that the air-con needs re-gassing?

The first sign that air conditioning needs recharging is when the air is not cooling effectively. If the air is blowing warm, you need to call in an experienced team to check for refrigerant leaks. The ineffectiveness of the air cooling might happen gradually, with the air not cooling as well as it used to.

When you notice that things aren’t working properly, call us to take a look. Don’t wait until the air conditioner breaks down completely, arrange a visit so we can get your system running properly.

Recharge your air conditioning system

Air conditioning systems usually run quietly in the background cooling the air on demand. To keep them running properly, they require regular maintenance by a professional team. Experts know to check the refrigerant levels and look for signs of leaking. Rely on a competent company to maintain and repair your air coolers in Kent.

Our rates for recharging air conditioning systems in Kent are competitive and our team is reliable. If you want to book a regular service, we are available to return every 6 months or once a year depending on the amount your air coolers are used. We are punctual and friendly, and we respect property while we are onsite. Keep our contact details handy for all air conditioning needs in the home, office, or commercial building.